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The Epling Family { Film Session }

A few weeks ago we met up with this adorable family at Cathedral Park, where the beautiful St. John’s bridge is located. We discovered a abandoned boat, balanced on a floating board walk, climbed trees, and the walls of the bridge. Lot’s of fun!!

All the photos below are taken with 35mm Portra 160 film, with a Canon A-1. When received our first e-mail from the family, they stated that they were looking for a film session, and we got really excited!!! We love the look & feel of film, and all the little imperfections, which make it feel raw & beautiful.

Enjoy the photos below! If you fall in love with film and would like to book a session, send us a e-mail!

Film:: Chloe

Our favorite images from our first all 35 mm film session, photos are straight out of camera with no touch of photoshop. We love film for a million reasons, the look & quality are just a few. Film has a real natural raw quality, we love the slight grain, and how simple & beautiful the colors are.

For this session we used our Canon A-1 & Canon AE-1 cameras, and Portra 160 film. Enjoy, & Thanks Chloe for modeling for us!

Film developed & scanned by :

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