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The Perlewitz Family

2015-11-20_0040We met Tim & Kari about 2 years ago, when we were photographing live music at The Meyer theater. We got along real well, and connected over the love of music. Tim sets up amazing shows in the Green Bay, Wi area, check out Near Water Music Series. We had the opportunity to photograph their maternity last year, and this year we go to meet their handsome little man Atlas 🙂 Thank you guys for being great friends, and for letting us capture these sweet memories! We will see you next year 🙂

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The Reynolds Family

2015-11-20_0025Where do we start! We have known this lovely family for a few years now, we have photographed Sarah & Blaise’s engagement, wedding, and family photos 🙂 During every session they bring a smile to our faces, and we love spending time with them. We are happy we can call them good friends 🙂 Thank you for being there for us, supporting our business, and for being there by helping us with any parents questions 😉 2015-11-20_0026 2015-11-20_0027 2015-11-20_0028 2015-11-20_0029 2015-11-20_0030 2015-11-20_0031 2015-11-20_0032 2015-11-20_0033 2015-11-20_0034 2015-11-20_0035 2015-11-20_0036 2015-11-20_0037 2015-11-20_0038 2015-11-20_0039

The Phelps Family

2015-11-20_0009Aahh baby Ascher, you are so cute and growing right before our eyes! We met this sweet family about 2 years ago, when we photographed Ascher’s new born photos. Brooke & Don, thank you so much for letting us capture these sweet memories! Also hank you for driving 2 hours to meet us for a session, and for making us laugh and smile 🙂 We can’t wait to see you next year during our visit to Wisconsin.  2015-11-20_0010 2015-11-20_0011 2015-11-20_0012 2015-11-20_0013 2015-11-20_0014 2015-11-20_0015 2015-11-20_0016 2015-11-20_0017 2015-11-20_0018 2015-11-20_0019 2015-11-20_0020 2015-11-20_0021 2015-11-20_0022 2015-11-20_0023

The Nackers Family

We have known this sweet family for a few years now… we photographed Jami & Ben’s maternity photos, engagement photos, family & wedding photos 🙂 This time around we photographed their extended family photos, and we got to meet their new baby girl Abigale! Look at her beautiful blue eyes & red hair! It was great to catch up with you all, and we are glad to have photographed your growing family 🙂2015-11-19_0006 2015-11-19_0007 2015-11-19_0010 2015-11-19_0011 2015-11-19_0012 2015-11-19_0013 2015-11-19_0014 2015-11-19_0015 2015-11-19_0016 2015-11-19_0017 2015-11-19_0018