Best of 2013 Weddings

2013 was an amazing year for us! We were blessed with awesome clients who choose us to capture their beautiful weddings, and the very beginning of their wonderful love story.



As a big THANK YOU to our clients, earlier this month we put together a “best of 2013 wedding contest.” With over 1,000+ votes, we have a winner! Congrats to Leticia & Steven on winning a 12×12 wood or glass print 🙂






19 thoughts on “Best of 2013 Weddings

  1. This was the best wedding I attended in 10 years! Pirate Wedding are the best! Leticia & Steve thought of everyone who came, even the children had a kiddie pirate corner to entertain them! Lynn Reinke

  2. You captured such tender and funny moments at the wedding of Annelise and Matt!! Absolutely love your work!! All the shots were so great, I have a hard time picking my favorites!! They are ALL my favorites!! Great couple!!

  3. Nick and I (#6) stepped over mounds of horse crap to take that unforgettable photo — moments we will never forget. Thank you Ashley & Brian for the wonderful photos 🙂

  4. It’s not often that couples who have their wedding at our farm request permission to enter the horse pasture to take a photo. Shows you the determination Lyssa & Nick had to get that perfect shot.

  5. All the couples look very nice. But this mama wants Leticia and Steve to win. They are a delightful couple to watch and are matched so well to each other. Come on family and friends lets vote them to a win. Mama

  6. Kelly and Jordan—— you truly make a wonderful couple and compliment each other well! You are going to be fantastic parents. Love you both!!

  7. Steven and Leticia Brown are a match if ever I saw one. They have so much love and patience with each other. Please vote…

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