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The Her Family

A few months ago we had the opportunity to photograph these beautiful families. We met at the historic Jenkin’s Estate located in Beaverton, Oregon. We love photographing extended family portraits. We strongly believe it’s important to get all the generations together to document memories that will last forever. This family wore a wonderful color palette, and knew how to pose! We all had so much fun!

Even if all the children were not cooperating, it was still great to capture the real/raw moments. After the session the family members came up to us and genuinely thanked us for taking the time to photograph their family. The siblings, and mother were in tears and gave us hugs. They had recently found out that their father was recently diagnosed with Cancer, and that they will value the photos with him forever. That sweet moment and kind words pulled at our heart strings, and help us remember how important our jobs as photographers are.

The Epling Family { Film Session }

A few weeks ago we met up with this adorable family at Cathedral Park, where the beautiful St. John’s bridge is located. We discovered a abandoned boat, balanced on a floating board walk, climbed trees, and the walls of the bridge. Lot’s of fun!!

All the photos below are taken with 35mm Portra 160 film, with a Canon A-1. When received our first e-mail from the family, they stated that they were looking for a film session, and we got really excited!!! We love the look & feel of film, and all the little imperfections, which make it feel raw & beautiful.

Enjoy the photos below! If you fall in love with film and would like to book a session, send us a e-mail!

Sweet family session at the Coast

We have known & photographed this sweet family’s memories since 2014. Ashley, Brenten & little Mila have always supported our business, and have recommended us to their friends/family. So with that said we got to photograph this family at Hug Point beach… They built sand castles, played tag, and wrote one another love letters.


Here are some kind words about the Familyโ€™s session with us:

Bryan and Ashley never cease to impress me! We just had our 3rd photo shoot and it was definitely the most fun… Besides only shooting a “family session” we were offered a “beloved session” as well. Which is very nice way to reconnect with your significant other and remember why you chose/love each other and will continue to do so. I cannot even begin to explain the amount of love and happiness I felt during this session. (There are pictures of those moments.) Not only are they willing to shoot at unique locations, but they are amazing with children, capture real moments, and take the time necessary to get those “perfect” images. I always have a great time with them and the photo session adds another special memory. I always receive my photos in a timely manner and the price is super reasonable. You won’t find better lifestyle photographers for their prices! And maybe even make some new friends.



We hope you enjoy this blog post, and after this session they also found out they were expecting another child!!


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Fall Maternity Session

Meet our new friends Elizabeth & Erick, & their adorable little lady Sophia! After a few weeks of chatting and planning for their sweet family session, we found out that they were expecting to add a new addition to their sweet family ๐Ÿ™‚ Guess what it’s a GIRL!!! We had so much fun during your session, and it was so great to finally meet you! Congrats on your little bundle of joy on the way ๐Ÿ™‚


2015-11-23_0001 2015-11-23_0002 2015-11-23_0003 2015-11-23_0004 2015-11-23_0005 2015-11-23_0006 2015-11-23_0007 2015-11-23_0008 2015-11-23_0009 2015-11-23_0010 2015-11-23_0011 2015-11-23_0012

The beautiful Thurston Family




After following Karyn on instagramย @girlofcardigan for awhile, and reading her wonderful blog about motherhood, Girl Of Cardigan. We felt a connection with this beautiful family, and knew we would love to be friends with them! When we were visiting Portland, Oregon this past October to check out places to live, we made plans to meet with Karyn, and little Fable. We met for breakfast at a wonderful bakery, in the Alberta district. We had lovely conversation, and they showed us all the cute little shops around the area, we had a great time!

After our big move we decided that we wanted to start focusing on photographing families. Don’t worry we will still photograph a few weddings a year! We love capturing the simple love between parents and their children…

Once we settled in to our new city, we reconnected with the Thurston family, and we went on a fun photo adventure ๐Ÿ™‚



We walked thru Portland’s beautiful city park, called Mt. Tabor Park.


Karyn wearing her beautiful wrap by Lillie Baby, and the funny Fable making silly faces at the camera.


ย Noel being a awesome dad, and hanging out Fable at the play ground. 2015-06-29_0006 2015-06-29_0007

Karyn & Noel being silly & adorable as always…

After the park, we walked back to their house to enjoy a wonderful dinner. Noel & Karyn are quite the cooks! Noel is also wonderful Baker, as a gift he baked us some wonderful bread ๐Ÿ™‚

2015-06-30_0001 2015-06-30_0002

After a delicious dinner we went out and took candid photos of Fable running around the yard playing, and singing.


Hanging out with backyard chickens!! So cute ๐Ÿ™‚ We love the simple love between this adorable family!

2015-06-29_0009 2015-06-29_0010 2015-06-29_0011 2015-06-29_0012 2015-06-29_0013 2015-06-29_0014 2015-06-29_0015 2015-06-29_0016

During these sweet photos with Fable and her baby doll… Noel was dancing and singing “Winnie the Pooh” behind us, while we were taking photos. After the session we had that song stuck in our head for days!

2015-06-29_0017 2015-06-29_0018

Thank you to Karyn, Noel & little Fable for the awesome dinner & for letting us capture these sweet moments of your loving family. We hope for many more adventures in the future!